My Location —
St. Petersburg (Russia)

Alexey Zykov

Mobile Developer (iOS + Android) //

  • More than 10 years in programming
  • High-end mobile applications from scratch to the App Store.
  • Master in iOS platform
  • Good in Android
  • Interested in A.I. and data analysis
  • Have experience with Computer Vision
  • Work remotely in a team or take projects in my own managent.
  • Past experience in JVM backend development
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5 years


4 years


2 years


1 year

Programming languages


4 years


4,5 years


2 years


2 years


4 years


  • 2018

    Started freelance

  • 2015

    Mobile and backend developer in Advanced Technology Solutions

  • 2014

    Worked in startup as backend developer

  • 2012

    Mobile and embedded developer in RSR Srl

  • 2010

    Master degree in Politecnico di Milano

  • 2006

    Specialist degree in Moscow University of Radioengineering

  • 2002

    First software project in HTML, PHP, CSS

Projects iOS App

travel guide application

Role: Freelance iOS developer

Started with half-developed project. Updated code base, added new map features, added In-App purchases and leaded project to the App Store.

Swift  obj-c    UIKit  UI Kit  Mapbox Mapbox In-App Purchases

8 months
November 2020 — July 2021

available app store

Yandex.Music iOS App

top-5 music application

Role: Senior iOS developer

Responsible for part of iOS product. Created new section in app, made refactoring and updates for old code.

Swift  obj-c Objective-C  obj-c    UIKit  UI Kit

1 year
April 2020 — March 2021

available app store

ServiceGuru iOS App

b2b mobile education platform for HORECA

Role: Head of iOS development

Responsible for the whole iOS product. Renewed app architecture, solved performance issues.

Objective-C  obj-c    UIKit  UI Kit    RestKit  core data    CoreData   core data

7 months
September 2019 — April 2020

available app store

iOS App for an event

karaoke contest application

Role: Freelance iOS developer

Created an iOS application from scratch with video recording for a contest and video broadcast stream of a big event.

Swift  obj-c    UIKit  UI Kit    PromiseKit  core data    Alamofire core data

1 month
August 2019

Removed from the App Store

Astrostar Mobile Apps

horoscopes subscription platform

Role: Freelance Mobile developer

Created native mobile application for both Android and iOS. Configured server updates, push notifications and In-App purchases with subscriptions.

Swift  obj-c  |  UIKit  UI Kit  |  PromiseKit  core data  |  Alamofire core data
Kotlin  obj-c |   Android SDK  UI Kit  |  Retrofit
StoreKit |  In-App Purchases

7 months
February 2019 — July 2019 

available app store.    available app store

FinAssist Android App

financial products aggregator

Role: Freelance Android developer

Redesigned the whole application

Kotlin  obj-c    Android SDK  UI Kit    Retrofit

7 months
February 2019 — July 2019 

Removed from the Google Play

Ti Frutta

financial products aggregator

Role: Senior iOS developer

Swift  obj-c    UIKit  UI Kit PromiseKit  core data    Alamofire core data

9 months
August 2016 — April 2017

Removed from the App Store

media platform

Role: Freelance iOS developer

Created a first prototype of media platform that aggregates different RSS sources in a beautiful personalized feed. Made a great work of creating native iOS elements from stricted HTML.

Objective-C  obj-c    UIKit  UI Kit

5 months
November 2015 — March 2016